donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Since about 8-10 days Italy has african temperatures to support.
In my city it's a hard thing to live with: at home at least above 30° Celsius, sometimes 34° ... , but the degrees feel like being higher.
Even with this time crocheting remains a relaxing activity though.
Here some other bracelets and a necklace (folded lace necklace) of my own design, that I have posted like free downloadable patterns on the Ravelry site.

Sinds 8-10 dagen zit Italie onder de invloed van een afrikaanse hitte. In Turijn iets onverdraaglijks: binnenshuis voortdurend meer dan 30° Celsius, soms zelfs 34°, maar vanwege de vochtigheid lijken het er nog meer.
Ondanks dit (of dankzij..?) blijft het haken een relaxende activiteit.
Hier nog een paar armbanden en een ketting, die ik allemaal zelf heb ontworpen en die men op het Ravelry site als vrije haakpatronen kan downloaden.

vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

I crochet and crochet along. It's a relaxing and creative activity too.
I crocheted also this other necklace, called 'My Style' (my free pattern is downloadable under Ravelry) and this backpack. The backpack is just for carrying some, not so havy things, like a bottle of water, some books...
Here, on this page, one can find the free instructions for the backpack.

Ik haak en haak maar. Ik vind het echt een enorm relaxende en creatieve bezigheid.
Ook van deze ketting, die ik 'My Style' heb genoemd, kan men op Ravelry in het engels gratis mijn beschrijving vinden.
Verder heb ik ook nog een rugzak gehaakt, die echter niet al té zware spullen kan bevatten. Net voldoende voor een fles water en wat boeken...
Hieronder de engeltalige instructies voor de rugzak.

Backpack 1
free instructions of Lia Govers
Materials: hook nr. 3, thread for this hooksize (I used little more than 1 skein of Parigi –
100% egyptian cotton of Fili di Fili in colour 596. Here 1 skein, found on an italian
residential market = 150 gram = 500/550 yards circa), a needle for this thread.
Here the instructions are not 100% exactly, for I did not have the beginning intention to write down the pattern. One asked me for it.
I started with a chainline of 62 stitches.
In the 1° row, starting from the 2° chain from the hook I crocheted sc across. In the final chain I crocheted 4 sc, to continue with sc at the opposite side of the chainline. Slip stitch to the first sc.
2° row: 1 chain. Crochet another row of sc all around (360°) and crochet 2 sc in both corners. Slip stitch to the first sc.
[If you want a larger base, so continue some other rounds of sc...]
3° row: 3 chain + 1 dc in the same borderhole, dc + dc all across. In some way I crocheted also 2 dc in 1 sc for two times (4 dc increases) at both the corners.
4° row: 3 chain, dc across, WITHOUT INCREASES!
Circa in the 7° and 8° row I found the backpack too large and made some dc-decreases
(crocheting 2 dc and closing them together) at equal distances around.
Here one can find it’s own pattern.
My backpack is of 34 rows totally.
At the top I crocheted 1 row (35° row) of sc too.
String: I crocheted a very long chainline of ca. 140 or 150 chainstitches, but at the beginning of this line, in the 6° chain I slip stitched to this chain and crocheted ca. 16 sc in the formed ring (a greater ring so that my string would not slip away once in it’s position. Slip stitch to the first sc and continue your chainline with chainstitches in the air.
At the end of the chainline (without forming the 2° ring yet!) I turned back with a 2° row of sc until I reached the 1° ring. Fasten off.
Then I pulled the string across the final dc-row (nr. 34) of my backpack. Only once
positioned I crocheted the second ring with 16 sc inside at the opposite site of the backpack-string.
Flap: Fold your back in two and crochet on the top of your backpack with dc-stitches the base of your flap, crocheting only on 48% of the top of your stitches. Crochet dc-rows up and down, about 5 and then start your decreases at the outer sides. I fastened off the flap at the end of my 9° row and then crocheted a sc-row at the borders of the flap too.
Lay down your backpack with the flap at the top and starting from the 10° dc – above the sc basic rows - take up with a separate thread circa 6 stitches, going from the inner side to the outer side (= from the 10° dc to the 4° dc, calculating it from the borders) and start your 6 dc rows until you reach the desired lenght.
I always crocheted 2 chainstitches extra at the beginning of each row.
Do the same at the opposite side of the back for the other shoulderpart, starting the
shoulderpart from ca. the 4° dc until the 10° dc.
To measure my shoulderlenghts (mine is = 48 rows) I crocheted about 4 rows extra at both sides, leaving a long thread pending, then attached it provisorially to the top of the backpack with 2 security pins and then I decided the length I wanted.
Then I took away the 4 extra rows and fastened off.
Now sew the ends in a secure way to the top of the back, just under the final dc-row where the string has been putted.
Sew away all the threads left.
I believe the same system of crocheting a backpack can be done with a circular base, for I adopted this system also for little purses.