vrijdag 29 april 2011


Free pattern

This necklace is a mixture of crochet work and beads.

The crocheted beads are simply made of a type of rectangular (you can choose the size on your own) crocheted piece only made with single crochet stitches.

I used a crochet hook nr. 1,5 or nr. 2 and crocheted rectangular pieces of circa 5 cm. large (with the hook nr. 1,5 about 20 or 21 chainstitches) and 4 cm. high.
To turn in each row add 2 chainstitches and crochet always single crochet stitches.

At the end you wrap up the crocheted piece and sew it together.

With a needle large enough to pass the beads you can also pass through the crocheted beads.

The variations can be made like one wants: adding glittering beads, wooden beads or making a necklace with only crocheted pieces.

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Op 30 april 2011 om 20:51 , Blogger flaminredhead3 zei...

This is so creatively simple & elegant. Love it!

Op 1 mei 2011 om 00:02 , Blogger Lia zei...

Thank you, flaminredhead3.

Op 1 mei 2011 om 20:59 , Blogger Debra zei...

It is very elegant and lovely too! Thank you for sharing the how-to.

Op 17 mei 2011 om 23:43 , Blogger Rosa zei...

Ho trovato il tuo commento su Ravelry e mi è venuta la curiosità di visitare il tuo blog. Mi piacciono molto i tuoi gioielli all'uncinetto!
A presto,


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