zondag 26 september 2010

Some days ago Debi of the site 'Hooks and Yarns' awarded me with this Versatile Blog Award and I know it's connected with telling something (7 things) about yourself the readers still don't know and giving the award to other blogs I know that could be named to have such a blog.

Here some information about me:

1) I come from a family with 11 children: 4 brothers (one died) and 6 sisters.
2) I like a lot walking, if possible in nature.
3) I like reading also very much.
4) My husband is sicilian, but we live in North Italy since decades.
5) I stopped smoking already 30 years ago.
6) Our only son we'll graduate (afstuderen) in the first days of october 2010.
7) I love dogs but have none. I grew up with a dog, but for working reasons have never had time to have one, but my husband also doesn't like to have one. After decades without probably I wouldn't want to have one any more.

Between the blogs I know there are a lot beautiful ones, but not all the persons like to receive awards - also for the things connected with receiving it. Some blogs already received the award. I will try to give this award to four blogs, but do not know whether they also want to receive it.





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